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Phycological facial preference

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    From birth it is critical for our survival to identify social agents and conspecifics. Among others stimuli, faces provide the required information. The present paper will review the mechanisms subserving face detection and face recognition , respectively, over development. In addition, the emergence of the functional and neural specialization for face processing as an experience-dependent process will be documented. Overall, the present work highlights the importance of both inborn predispositions and the exposure to certain experiences, shortly after birth, to drive the system to become functionally specialized to process faces in the first months of life. The ability to detect and to discriminate social beings from inanimate objects is of paramount importance to survive.
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    Facial attractiveness: evolutionary based research

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    Facial attractiveness: evolutionary based research

    This article views face perception as the ideal case study example for understanding the deeper principles underlying human neurodevelopment. It illustrates how face perception has been one of oldest battlegrounds for resolving key issues in human development. It argues that taking a developmental approach to face perception can resolve some of the major current debates in the adult face perception and cognitive neuroscience literature. Thus, face perception and development continue to be mutually informative domains of study. The study reviews recent literature on the factors that contribute to the specialization of certain cortical areas for face processing. It suggests an intriguing alternative middle-ground view in this polarized debate. Keywords: face perception , human development , cognitive neuroscience , childhood , face processing.
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    Preference for facial averageness: Evidence for a common mechanism in human and macaque infants

    People occupy multiple social categories simultaneously e. Here, we examined the possibility that infant face processing may be susceptible to effects of intersectionality of sex and race. Three- and month-old infants were shown a series of computer-generated face pairs 5 s each that differed according to sex Female or Male or race Asian, Black, or White. All possible combinations of face pairs were tested, and preferences were recorded with an eye tracker. Infants showed preferences for more feminine faces only when they were White, but we found no evidence that White or Asian faces were preferred even though they are relatively more feminized.
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    I s beauty really in the eye of the beholder? The two-part study first had around 35, people rate faces for attractiveness on the website Testmybrain. Prior research has suggested that people generally agree that symmetrical faces are better-looking.
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